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Information about our services
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The trial period is a legal right of the consumer. This often entails considerable depreciation in value. By returning products that have barely been used or opened to new condition, these products can be resold. This requires specialism and an understanding of the legal duties involved.

In this way, by making a small investment in the product, you retain (almost) the full value of the product and the product does not have to go to a buyer for a small amount. This way, you can continue to focus on selling, while we make sure that you can put these products away again ready for sale!

Getting started operationally step-by-step
Below are the rough steps of the most important things you need to know.


Please take note of our terms and conditions

It is wise to read through our terms and conditions first. That way you know immediately what to expect and where you stand when it comes to the fine print. Of course, we have done our best to keep this as short but clear as possible.


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Where should the product be shipped to and with which carrier? How do I use Service Planet's carrier (DHL). You can find it on this page!


Costs are involved in carrying out the services of Service Planet. This concerns both a fixed rate per service and additional costs as a result of, for example, a diagnosis made. How does this work? You can find it on this page!


Using Service Planet's services, begins with the Melissan Webportal. In this web portal it is possible to create a CASE in 4 simple steps. How to do this can be found on this page!

Below is Service Planet's company information and how to get in touch.

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