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On this page you will find everything about Refurbishment services. What can you expect and what will the result look like?

What is the minimum the product must meet to qualify for successful refurbishment? And what happens if Service Planet is unable to successfully refurbish the product. You'll find out on this page!

Refurbishment has several levels (also called ''grading''). This depends strongly on the status of the product. On this page you can find all the information about which activities are performed at which level?

On this page you will find the prices of this service.

By clicking the button below, you land on our application form page. Here, in addition to the application form, you will also find the rules of the game for refurbishing. After completing the application form, we will make sure that you will be contacted within 24 hours and a portal account will be provided.

Have a question about Refurbishment that is not answered by the information on this page? Click here for contact information!