How does billing work?

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Service Planet services involve costs. Costs can be communicated in different ways. Specified below are the different types of costs that Service Planet has.

Fee per service

A flat rate is set for most of the services offered by Service Planet. These rates are communicated in advance on the services page that applies. No statement is sent in advance here. An invoice will follow for the charges after the product is returned.

Shipping costs

Service Planet is a carry-in center. This means that shipping costs for both round trip are the customer's responsibility. From Service Planet's web portal, you will be offered the option to use the integrated transportation options. The cost for this will be charged per invoice and in most cases is bundled with the fee charged per service.

Price Quotation

There may be additional charges. For example, because the product sent in falls outside the manufacturer's warranty conditions. These costs are outside the fixed fee per service and shipping costs. 

A quote always contains a complete picture of the costs. If there is a fixed fee and/or shipping costs, they will be included in this amount. 

Price quotes are always communicated by e-mail and can be paid directly by iDeal or on account. 

See below for an example of a price quote: