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The process

Signing up items for refurbishment is very easy. However, it is necessary that you are first provided with a special account for Service Planet's sign-up portal. Not obtained a portal account yet? Request an account via on this page!

Specifically, this consists of the following 3 steps:


Go to the Melissan Webportal. This can be found at Log in using the login information provided to you by Service Planet.

Unable to log in or forgot your password? Then click on ''Forgot password''. After entering your username, a new securely generated password will be automatically sent to your registered e-mail address. 

Don't get a new password after a password reset? Possibly the account has been put on hold because you have not logged in for too long. Please contact us.

Start Service

After logging in, you will be taken to the Dashboard of Service Planet. Click here on the left side on ''Start Service''.

You come to a screen with a 4-step plan. In 4 steps, you will be asked to register important information to then create a CASE.

Start Service: Step 1

The following information should be entered here:

After you have completed the above points, click "Create new device" next. You will now proceed to Step 2!

If you have already registered the product once before it will appear under the "Create new device" button. 

Click here if this is the case and then do not create a new device.

A device (asset) is unique and may not be created multiple times. This gives a lot of control, as you can search on the device and see in the timeline all the actions that have taken place on the device.

Start Service: Step 2

When all the information in step 1 is filled out you come to the following service information and selection screen. Because Service Planet can offer many services, this screen is divided into 2 pieces.

''This product has''

The blocks shown here explain what services this product is entitled to. These are purely information blocks. Clicking on them will show a detailed description of the service the product is entitled to.

''These are the services we can offer''

Here you will find the actual services we can offer. There may be different elements on here. By clicking on this, you actually choose a certain action. Service Planet then also handles the product in response to this intention if the product meets the desired conditions after entry.


You will see below that the device is within the DOA deadline and you can send it in.

You then click on the "Return device to supplier" option.

Would you like to have the product refurbished? Then click on ''Send device for refurbishment''.

For a repair, click on: ''Send device to service partner''.

Are there no options listed here? Please contact us!

Start Service: Step 3

At Step 3, it is important that you declare yourself as a customer. Because there is no longer an end consumer and your organization now owns the device. 

Here you have to select, your own relation. After 10 seconds of loading, it will appear at the bottom with the ''Create new customer'' button.

It is not the intention to create yourself as a new customer every time. Your organization already exists in our system and is therefore already offered. Please simply click on the relation of yourself and indicate that this is him. 

You will now proceed to Step 4!

Start Service: Step 4

This is where we will actually register the product. Please enter the following data here:

After this you can press the check mark at the bottom right to register this product. You will then enter the case, in the case all communication and action points are registered. Here you will also find the active shipment with a button to generate a shipping label. 

Generate the shipping label, print it out and stick it on the box in which you will ship the product.

Case overview

On the right side of the case summary are a number of important elements, below a brief explanation in order from top to bottom:

Follow cases

You can track the status in the portal. For example, you can search for the serial number in the search bar and then click on the device. You can also see the open tasks on the right. If a product is registered, but not sent, you will see an open task. 

You can click on it, click on the task and perform the action. The task will be closed automatically and the red mark will disappear.